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Hoffman Triple-Dyed Batiks

A bit more detailed than the Hoffman 1895's, the triple-dyed batiks feature a series of shapes or designs embedded in a marbled background. For more coordinates in solid colors that typically match the Triple-Dyed Batiks perfectly please refer to 1895 Bali Handpaints Link.
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Hoffman Green Marble Batik (f1006)

Hoffman Navy Blue Marble Batik (f1006)

Hoffman Purple Marble Batik (f1006)

Hoffman Glacier 1384 Marbled Batik

Hoffman Leaves on Koi

Hoffman Fern Fronds

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali Mottles - Mardi Gras

Hoffman Agate Marbled Batik (839 Series)

Hoffman Amazon Marbled Batik (839 Series)

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali Mottles - Blossom (839 series)

Hoffman Triple-Dyed (839) Batik on Celadon

Hoffman Triple Dye Bali: Marbled Cream (839 series)

Hoffman Earl Gray (839 series)

Hoffman Granite (839 series)

Hoffman Grasshopper (839 series)

Hoffman Iceland (839 series)

Hoffman Jade (839 series)

Horrman Mauve Marbled Batik (839 Series)

Hoffman Moonstruck (839 series)

Hoffman Oprah (839 series)

Hoffman Bali Batik Orchid

Hoffman Triple-Dyed (839) Batik on Pastel

Hoffman Petal Marbled Batik (839 series)

Hoffman Primrose (839 series)

Hoffman Triple-Dyed (839) Batik on Red

Hoffman Smoke Marbled Batik (839 series)

Hoffman Spice Marbled Batik (charcoal/wine/teal) (839 series)

Hoffman Sprout (839 series)

Hoffman Triple-Dyed (839) Batik on Spruce

Teal Batik

Hoffman Topaz (839 series)

Hoffman Victorian Rose Marbled Batik (839 series)

Hoffman A100: Parchment

Hoffman Blue/Gray/Lavendar Marbled Batik

Hoffman Glacier

Hoffman Lilac Marble Batik (e137)

Hoffman Orange Marble Batik (f1006)

Hoffman Batik Green Bubbles and Dots

Hoffman Batiks Dewdrop

Hoffman Spa Floral (Teal & Taupe Accents)

Hoffman Batik Flowers on Deep Ocean Blue

Hoffman Bali Batik

Hoffman Bali Wild Flowers

Hoffman Spa Floral (Teal & Taupe Accents)

Hoffman Cream

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batik: Ginko Leaves on Merlot

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batik: Sprigs and Tulips on Celadon

Hoffman Bali Batik Butterflies in Pale Blue/Green

Hoffman Flowing Dots on Sage

Hoffman Bali Grapes Jewel

Hoffman Batik (G2242) Mint

Hoffman Flame Marbled Batik

Honeycomb on Giraffe

Hoffman Batik Oasis

Hoffman Autumn Bali Stylized Leaves

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Honeysuckle

Hoffman Persimmon Daisies

Hoffman Leaf on Mixed Greens

Hoffman Batik Dots & Checks (almost seagull) Design on Black

Timeless Treasures Circles

Timeless Treasures Curly Design on Tan

Hoffman A100: Grass

D167 Wide Sage stripes on vintage background

Hoffman Sea Waves on Green

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batik: Wildlife on Spa

Hoffman Leaves on Sugarplum Batik

Hoffman Nightshade Floral Batik

Hoffman Tear Drops Camellia

Hoffman Blackberry Batik

Moda Batiks - Color Splash in Earth

Hoffman Marble in Hunter

Hoffman Grasshopper Marble Batik (A103)

Benartex Niagra Falls Bali: Ombre Stripe Light Pine

Hoffman Triple-Dyed Rosemary Leaves Batik

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batik: Fronds on Ivy

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batiks: Small Boxes on Grass

Hoffman Hand Painted Forest Green Batik

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Hunter

Hoffman Green Silhouette Branches Batik

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Raven

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Oasis - Lg Flowers

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Hunter

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Lilac

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Black/Blue

Hoffman Triple-Dyed Parakeet Batik

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali Mottles - Blue

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Camel

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Seaside

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Camel

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Morocco

Hoffman Azalea

Hoffman Floral

Hoffman Chrysanthemun Nasturtium

Hoffman Rose Crysanthemum

Hoffman Chrysanthemun Spa

Hoffman Dahlia

Hoffman Amber Flowers Batik

Hoffman Hand Painted: Pansies on Royal Blue

Hoffman Vintage Striped (Linear) Batik

Hoffman Amber Speckled Batik

Hoffman Autumn Speckled Batik

Small Dots on Grasshopper

Hoffman Opal Speckle Batik

Hoffman Persimmon Speckled Batik

Hoffman Salmon Speckled Batik

Hoffman Sand Speckled Batik

Hoffman Sea Breeze Speckled Batik

Hoffman Violet Speckled Batik

Timeless Treasures Steel Tin Punch Batik

Hoffman Paisley on Abalone

Hoffman Hunter Speckled Batik

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batik: Sunflowers on Aspen

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batik: Wildlife on Natural

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batik: Oak Leaves and Blossoms on Cream

Hoffman Spring Marbled Batik (839 series)

Hoffman Cream Marbled Batik (839 series)

Hoffman Damask Charcoal

Hoffman Triple-Dyed Batik: Lavender (1384 series)

Hoffman Spring Scroll Heart

Timeless Treasures Shell Tin Punch Batik

Hoffman Opal Fans Batik

Hoffman Opal Flowers & Butterflies Batik

Hoffman Jute Batik

Melrose Light Bali Batik (warm tones)

Hoffman Petal Striped (Linear) Batik

Hoffman Stylized Leaves February

Hoffman Lilikoi Stems & Leaves

Hoffman Bali Batik Handpaints Bamboo

Hoffman Bali Batik Swirl

Hoffman Petunia Marbled Batik (E137)

Hoffman Flower Bouquets in Apricot

Hoffman Raspberry Leaf & Stem Batik

Hoffman Raspberry Marbled Batik (D160 Series)

Hoffman Shrimp Wide Stripes & Splatters Batik

Hoffman Burgundy Frost Speckles Batik

Hoffman Coral Leaves, Stems & Butterflies Batik

Hoffman Coral Stems, Leaves, & Berries Batik

Hoffman Raspberry Little Flowers Batik

Cinnabar Flowers

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batik: Diamonds on Cherry

Hoffman Leaves on Ocean Blue

Timeless Treasures Midnite Swirling Circles Batik

Hoffman Triple-Dyed Breeze Batik

Hoffman Triple-Dyed Pacific Batik

Hoffman Bali Batik Butterfly on Midnight

Hoffman Triple-Dyed Floral Peacock Batik

Hoffman Triple-Dyed Batik Orchid Pineapple

Hoffman Breeze Butterflies & Blossoms

Hoffman Flower and Grass Earth Day

Pine Needles Chicken Wire Teal Batik

Hoffman Batik Parakeet

Hoffman Striped (Linear) Batik

Hoffman Havana Weeping Willow Batik

Hoffman Seaside Batik

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batiks: Tahiti

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batiks: Paisley on Sea Breeze

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batiks: Paisley on Tahiti

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batiks: Sesame Seeds on Belize

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batiks: Sesame Seeds on Rosemary

Island Batik Teal & Emerald Trees

Hoffman Triple-Dyed Batik

Hoffman Cabo Marble Batik

Hoffman Agate Floral & Leaf Batik

Hoffman Floral and Grapes

Hoffman Grape Vines

Hoffman Violet Flowers

Trees on Plum

Hoffman Camellia Weeping Willow Batik

Hoffman Wisteria Fans Batik

Hoffman Lavender Bonsai Tree Batik

Hoffman Lavender Fern Batik

Hoffman Lavender Marble Batik (e137)

Hoffman Gossamer Floral Batik

Hoffman Crystal Batik

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batiks: Wildflowers on Aquarius

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batiks: Hanging Branches on Aquarius

Hoffman Triple-Dye Batiks: Xs and Dots on Aquarius

Timeless Treasures Clouds on Robin Egg Blue Batik

Timeless Treasures Cubes on Rain Blue Batik

Hoffman Hydrangea "Doodles" Batik

Hoffman Triple Dyed Banth Batik

Hoffman Triple Dyed Midnight Batik

Hoffman Orchid Fans Batik

Hoffman Persia Daisies Batik

Hoffman Teal Curls & Lines Batik

Hoffman Triple Dyed Pastel Batik

Hoffman Triple-Dyed (h2270) Autumn

Hoffman Triple-Dyed (e203) Havana

Hoffman Petal Speckled Batik

Hoffman Parakeet Bouquet Batik

Hoffman Triple Dyed Watermelon Batik

Hoffman Triple Dyed Watermelon Batik

Hoffman Triple Dyed Watermelon Batik

Hoffman Ginger Scroll Batik

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Peppermint

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Cherry

Hoffman Swirls on Cream

Hoffman Sprout

Hoffman Oak Leaves on Antique Tan

Hoffman Woodblock Damask Ant Beige

Hoffman Damask Seagull

Robert Kaufman Santa Fe Trail 2

Scrolling Vine print on Rosemary

d239 Vintage Sage Paisley Scrolls on Vintage

Hoffman Hand Painted Bali - Persimmon

Hoffman Floral on Chestnut

Hoffman Branches at Twilight

Hoffman Marble in Autumn

Hoffman Triple-Dyed Batik Jungle Bouquet

Hoffman Brown Stems & Buds

Hoffman Harvest Leaves

Hoffman Chestnut Leaf Batik

Hoffman Havana Hearts

Hoffman Red Panda Bear Batik

Hoffman Strawberry Swirls


Hoffman Triple Dyed: Border Print in Sugarplum

Hoffman Triple Dyed: Border Print in Spa

Hoffman Triple Dyed: Border Print in Amber


Hoffman Wild Berry Bali Pop

Hoffman Parfait Bali Pop

Hoffman Wild Berry Snap Pack

Hoffman Brown Sugar Snap Pack

Hoffman Rum Raisin Snap Pack

Hoffman Tiramisu Snap Pack

Hoffman Macaron Snap Pack

Hoffman Parfait Snap Pack

Hoffman Wild Berry Cracker

Hoffman Rum Raisin Cracker

Hoffman Tiramisu Cracker

Hoffman Macaron Cracker

Hoffman Parfait Cracker

Hoffman Tidepool Bali Pops

Hoffman Tidepool Snaps

Hoffman Splash Crackers

Hoffman Seaholly Bali Pops

Hoffman Riverrock Crackers

Hoffman Riverrock Bali Pops

Hoffman Riverrock Snaps

Hoffman Volcano Snaps


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